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'Do the Little Things'

Lovely afternoon at St Davids Cathedral for the launch of the Ancient Connections public art comission, ‘Do The Little Things’, by artist Bedwyr Williams. Beautiful Cedar Wood Beehives.

Artist Bedwyr Williams was commissioned to create a permanent public artwork for St Davids and Ferns for Ancient Connections.

Inspired by the story of St Aidan, St David and the bees, Williams has created a series of giant beehives, three in St Davids Cathedral grounds and three in Ferns. These evocative structures are modelled loosely on the kind of traditional straw skep hives that St Aidan might have used in the care of St David’s bees.

The story goes that, on leaving St David, Aidan was followed by David’s bees three times to the ship as he attempted to return to Ireland. Each time St Aidan dutifully returned the bees to the monastery but on the third occasion Saint David, seeing St Aidan’s kindness, agreed for the bees to accompany him to Ireland. Williams feels that this story, whether truth or myth, is a nice motif for the connection between both sites.

For more information go to the Ancient Connections Website, click HERE

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