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  • Karel Jasper

Liminal Space

Eight months after my pilgrimage, I sit with all my words scribbled in many journals, scraps of paper and photographs spread around me. It feels like a creative explosion! Where do I begin, how do I create a doorway to my own experience of pilgrimage. How do I map the journey through images and words?

It is logical to start with the places you visit along the way, but a pilgrimage is so much more that the places you visit along the way. It is the pilgrims you walk with, the conversations and moments shared, and the community you meet along the way. Your connection to nature, the way it watches you pass.

So while I sit in this liminal space, a threshold, on the precipice of something new but not quite there yet. I feel very grateful to Ancient Connections to have this opportunity to retrace my footsteps, my journey and to share it with others.

This photo is of Tulach a'tSolais which is a major land-art installation which you pass on the Pilgrimage. Opened in 1998, this monument dramatically commemorates the 1798 Rebellion and is a modern version of the pre-Christian passage tombs. Its name means ‘Mound of Light’ in Irish. It represents a veil between present and past, as as a place of connection between the world of the living and the ‘other world’. On both the Spring and Autumn Equinox the monument is perfectly aligned to catch the setting sun.

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