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Fine Art Black and White Photography Book Project

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

In May this year, I had an amazing opportunity to be part of the Ancient Connections Creative Camino. I was one of four of the community pilgrims; there were eleven of us in total, four artists, four community pilgrims, the pilgrimage guides and a film crew. We started in Ferns, in Ireland, the ancient capital of Leinster, home to the smallest cathedral in Europe, and we ended the walking at St Davids Cathedral, which was a significant pilgrimage site during the medieval period. We walked a total of 155kms over eight days.

Since this amazing experience, I am please to say I have been successful in my bid for funding from Ancient Connections to produce a fine art black and white photography book about the new pilgrimage route the ‘Wexford-Pembrokeshire Pilgrim Way’, which will be launch in Spring 2023.

Our Lady's Island

Pilgrimage Book

My book will provide a creative illustration of the spiritual experience, the journey and a taste of the unique and beautiful landscape and communities along the Wexford-Pembrokeshire Pilgrim way, through reflective words and images.

Follow my journey

Now I am processing and organising my own personal journey of the journey into a series of photographs/images, with small reflections to illustrate the journey. In spring 2023 I will wrap them all up into a beautiful fine art book, with textured paper, and an embossed cover.

If anyone would like to follow my journey as I work on the book, I will be sharing the experience in my blog and also on my Karel Jasper Photography Facebook and Instagram pages or use the contact form to get in touch about pre-ordering as soon as this becomes available.

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